My work questions popular and prevailing perceptions, conceptions about our own world view and our own New Zealand story; to look under the  rug, to peel back the curtain, to see the shadows, to ingest the popular and unpopular, the familiar and the unfamiliar - to confront the message that we want to just drive by.

The work is deeply rooted in Americana - a popular culture wasteland that seeps and leaks its way into New Zealand culture. I extract design elements from the street and put them into the Gallery space, I call this practice, Signtology. 

Alex Miln

Born 1957 Auckland

Lives at Papamoa Beach


1983  -  Finalist in the Team McMillian Art Award

1983  -  Solo exhibition at the Charlie Grays "Last and First Cafe"

2015  -  Finialst in the Wallace Art Awards

2016  -  Double Finalist in the National Contemporary Art Awards

2016  -  Winner of the Miles Supreme Art Award

2017  -  Finalist in the Molly Morepeth Canaday Art Award

2017  -  Finalist in the Wallace Art Awards

2018  -  Finalist in the Wallace Art Awards

2019  -  "No Vital Signs", Solo Exhibition, NZAFA, Wellington

2020  -  "Supa Cuba Dupa" Group Exhibition, Potocki Paterson Gallery,